Premium Pregnancy Band

Premium Pregnancy Band
Premium Pregnancy Band

Premium Pregnancy Band

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Premium Pregnancy Band


Give the comfort your baby and back deserve!

Introducing our comfy pregnancy band. There is nothing more exciting than the trip to motherhood. But the tension of pregnancy in your body and back? It's not that exciting. To help provide support for the abdomen and back where and when you need it most.


Premium Preganancy Band





As the weeks go by, you will feel like your baby is growing and with it your belly.

Caused by the pressure exerted by the baby's weight and belly size, most women begin to feel discomfort, severe pain in the lower back and back.

Therefore, experts recommend the use of these support belts during pregnancy, as they help relieve the pain and discomfort typical of pregnancy.

Premium Preganancy Band

Pregnancy Band is for active pregnant mothers who need to relieve back, hip and abdominal pain. Unlike other belly bands, our pregnancy band is specially designed for active pregnant mothers.

The soft and breathable moisture absorbing material moves synergistically with a mother's growing belly, either running through the city or making a safe pregnancy yoga movement. In addition, an elegant design means that you can wear it under your clothes (even tight gym clothes), without everyone knowing.

 Our popular Pregnancy Band was designed to lift the abdomen, support the back and stabilize the pelvic area. 

SUPPORTWraps around the abdomen and waist, which decreases the burden of pregnancy weight. 

LOWER BACK HEALTH: supports the lower back by redistributing pressure more evenly around the surface covered by the backrest. 

DISCRETE: designed to be comfortable and discreet, this pregnancy belt can be worn on or under clothing. 

COMFORT: Relieves pressure on the bladder, which means less trips to the bathroom. 

PREVENT STRESSES: designed to help reduce the chance of developing stretch marks during pregnancy. 

Size M      Suitable Abdominal Circumference: 70-100cm
Size L       Suitable Abdominal Circumference: 80-110cm
Size XL     Suitable Abdominal Circumference: 90-120cm

POSTURAL STABILITY INCREASES: which may weaken during pregnancy as your center of gravity changes.

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